2800 First Avenue, Room 3
Seattle, WA 98121
Tel. 206-728-2326
Fax 206-728-9772
Email: info@8.unitehere.org

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Staff Directory:

Union Representatives

Portland Office

Jennifer Graham
503-230-2304, jennifer@8.unitehere.org

Seattle Office

Shellea Allen
Lead Organizer

Olga Chavarria
206-470-2991, olga@8.unitehere.org

Mary Beth Clotario
206-470-2980, Marybeth@8.unitehere.org

Natalie Kelly

Cindy Richardson
Lead Organizer, Secretary Treasurer

Sarah Warren
Staff Director, Lead Organizer

Eunice How
206-305-0561, eunice@8.unitehere.org


Boycott Organizing

Levi Pine
Lead Boycott Organizer
312-296-7649, lpine@unitehere.org

Emily Garverick
Boycott Organizer
206-963-0905, emily@8.unitehere.org

Ryant Taylor
Boycott Organizer


Politics, Policy and Research

Stefan Moritz
Director of Strategic Affairs
206-470-2992, stefan@8.unitehere.org

Abby Lawlor
Strategic Research
206-470-2993, abby@8.unitehere.org

Office Staff

Bessy Alvarez
Dues Coordinator

Lynn Brown
Membership Coordinator

Zella Melville
Office Manager

Elected Officers

Erik Van Rossum

Cindy Richardson
Secretary Treasurer

Sarah Warren
Vice President, Washington

Shellea Allen
Vice President, Oregon

Executive Board

President                                           Erik Van Rossum                 UNITE HERE Local 8         

Vice President, Oregon                  Shellea Allen                          UNITE HERE Local 8         

Vice President, Washington          Sarrah Warren                      UNITE HERE Local 8

Secretary-Treasurer                        Cindy Richardson               UNITE HERE Local 8

3rd  VP                                               Chuck Cruise                         Seattle Hilton

4th VP                                                Jen Webby                             UNITE HERE Local 8         

Recording Secretary                       Julie LaBissioniere               Retired from HMS Host      

Aide to the V.P., Washington        Mark Marquez                      King County Jail

Aide to the V.P., Oregon                 Paul Raynor                          Benson Hotel                      

Aide to the President                       Lourdes Barredo                  HMS Host

Aide to the Secretary-Treasurer    Feliza Ryland                       Edgewater Hotel


Grant McClamrock                                                                           HMS Host

 Arctic Club Hotel Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
Bellingham Golf Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Best Western Executive Inn Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
Best Western Loyal Inn Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
Centerplate at Safeco Field Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
Chelan Café Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Coast Wenatchee Center Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Compass at Boeing Everett Mary Barber 206-470-2983
Compass at Boeing Seattle Mary Barber 206-470-2983
Concessions International Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport Mary Beth Clotario 206-470-2980
Edgewater Hotel Mary Beth Clotario 206-470-2980
Gate Gourmet Mary Beth Clotario 206-470-2980
Gate Safe Mary Beth Clotario 206-470-2980
Hilton Seattle Sarah Warren 206-728-2330
Hilton Seattle Airport Natalie Kelly 206-963-3637
HMS Host Sea Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
HMS Host Spokane Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Hotel Murano Tacoma Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
King County Jail Mark Marquez 206-728-2326
Levy Key Arena Sarah Warren 206-728-2330
LSG Sky Chefs – West SeattleLSG Sky Chefs – SeaTac Olga ChavarriaMary Beth Clotario 206-470-2991206-470-2980
Monticello Longview Erik Van Rossum 206-470-2986
North Star Glove Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Pancake House Longview Erik Van Rossum 206-470-2986
Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Red Lion Olympia Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Seattle City Lights Erik Van Rossum 206-470-2986
Seattle Sport Services at Century Link Field Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
Space Needle Natalie Kelly 206-224-5733
Tacoma Convention Center Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Tacoma Dome Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Totem Foods Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Turf’s Erik Van Rossum 206-470-2986
VFW Everett Erik Van Rossum 206-470-2986
Washington Athletic Club Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991
WA State Convention Center Natalie Kelly 206-963-3637
Westin Seattle Eunice How 206-305-0561
YMCA Olga Chavarria 206-470-2991

American Legion Aberdeen Mike Fleming 206-470-2981
Arctic Club Hotel Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Athenian Inn Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Bellingham Golf Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Best Western Executive Inn Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Best Western Loyal Inn Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Centerplate at Safeco Field Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Chelan Café Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Coast Wenatchee Center Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Compass at Boeing Everett Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Compass at Boeing Seattle Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Concessions International Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport Michael Wilsey 206-728-2326
Gate Gourmet Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Gate Safe Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Governor Hotel Olympia Michael Wilsey 206-728-2326
Hilton Seattle Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Hilton Seattle Airport Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
HMS Host Sea Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
HMS Host Spokane Cindy Richardson 206-470-2982
Murano Hotel Tacoma Michael Wilsey 206-728-2326
King County Jail Mike Fleming 206-470-2981
Kozy Tavern Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Kuhnle’s Tavern Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Levy Key Arena Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Levy Qwest Field Dan Findura 206-470-2994
LSG Sky Chefs Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Macy’s Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Monticello Longview Mike Fleming 206-470-2981
Nordstrom Michael Abate 206-470-2983
North Star Gloves Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Pancake House Longview Mike Fleming 206-470-2981
Public Utilities Cafeteria Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport Sarah Warren 206-470-2978
Red Lion Olympia Michael Wilsey 206-728-2326
Seafarers Sports Bar Mike Fleming 206-728-2326
Seattle City Lights Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Space Needle Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Swanson’s Mike Fleming 206-470-2981
Tacoma Convention Center Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Tacoma Dome Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Edgewater Hotel Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Totem Foods Jennifer Webby 206-470-2980
Turf’s Michael Abate 206-470-2983
VFW Everett Michael Abate 206-470-2983
Washington Athletic Club Jeanne Cameron 206-470-2988
Washington State Convention Center Dan Findura 206-470-2994
Westin Seattle Jeanne Cameron 206-470-2988
YMCA Michael Abate 206-470-2983