Space Needle Workers – We Are Family

Hi! My name is Crystal and I love my Job. I have been a cook at Sky City Restaurant for almost six years. For those of you who don’t know it is the restaurant way at the tippy top of one of our nation’s most Iconic landmarks- The Space Needle.

From an early age I knew that I wanted to be a cook. There is something truly magical about a well cooked meal that brings people together and nurtures happiness and contentment. Sadly, in my first years of professional cooking I realized the reality of working in a kitchen. Restaurant work in general means a lot of sweat with little money and few breaks if any. It is a hard and thankless job for anyone to do but at the Space Needle things are better than that and no small part of it is because of the union.

For each and every person having a union means something different. For some it might mean that they have a voice and can work without the constant fear of unjust retaliation, for others it might mean affordable family medical or sick leave but for me it meant that my dreams of owning a home could come true. I don’t have to constantly worry that I might be fired or laid off just because my manager may not like me or that they found somebody who could work for less money.

After almost four years of searching and saving I bought a house. I never thought that it would be possible for a single female line cook to dream the American dream of becoming a home owner. My house may not be a mansion on a hill with a long driveway and elegant topiaries but it is mine. A little safe place all my own that I can escape to and it is because of my security in both my job and my union that I was ever brave enough to take the first step toward realizing a future that is not paycheck to paycheck.

Crystal, Sky City Cook- 6 years

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