On August 27, 2013, Seattle hotel workers and their supporters launched a boycott of the Grand Hyatt Seattle and the Hyatt at Olive 8. They are calling on customers not to eat, sleep or meet at these hotels.

Hyatt at Olive 8
1635 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Grand Hyatt Seattle
721 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98101

3 Reasons to Boycott Grand Hyatt Seattle & Hyatt at Olive 8

  1. Heavy workloads. Hotel housekeeping work is difficult work that can lead to debilitating pain and injuries. Hyatt at Olive 8 Houseman Yuan Ping Tang reports that he turns over up to 38 rooms a shift.
  2. A slippery slope of subcontracting. In the past year, the Hyatt at Olive 8 has used more temporary, subcontracted workers, a precedent that can threaten full-time jobs.
  3. Workers want their say. Workers at the Grand Hyatt Seattle and the Hyatt at Olive 8 have called on the hotels’ owner, Richard Hedreen, to give them a fair process to decide for themselves whether they want a union. This is a process that Hyatt agrees will be implemented if and when Mr. Hedreen gives the OK. So far Mr. Hedreen has refused.

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