Hilton Seattle Exposed


Seattle Hilton owner claimed hotel was worth nearly $13 million less than assessment in 2021

10-1301 HSW Owner, LLC, the Seattle Hilton owner, challenged the assessment for tax year 2021 for the property, saying the property was worth $63,200,000, not the $76,108,300 value from the assessor.[1] The King County Board of Equalization sustained King County Assessor’s valuation. This decision was appealed to the state which resulted in a stipulated valuation of $75,729,600.

The county assessor’s valuation has been appealed for tax years 2022 and 2023 as well.[2]


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[2] https://blue.kingcounty.com/Assessor/eRealProperty/Detail.aspx?ParcelNbr=7802920010