Justice @ The Needle

1113 days

The Space Needle is a privately-owned, for-profit tourist destination at the heart of Seattle Center, an otherwise publicly-owned campus for art, entertainment and leisure activities. The SkyCity restaurant at the top of the Needle is the highest grossing restaurant in the State of Washington and the 47th highest grossing restaurant in the United States.

Food and beverage workers, along with elevator operators, greeters, reservationists, valets, and purchasing employees at the Space Needle are represented by UNITE HERE Local 8. Workers have been without a union contract since 2012, when the Space Needle unilaterally terminated its contract with Local 8. Since then, the company has committed five violations of federal labor law. The company withheld raises from workers for over 1,100 days, choosing instead to hire non-union temporary workers at higher wage rates. Workers eventually won raises from the company in July, 2015, but are still fighting for job security protections from subcontracting.

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