Space Needle board member Alexander Rolfe is the son of Wright family member Lee Rolfe, and her husband Stuart Rolfe, head of Wright Hotels and the Coastal Hotel Group.

Rolfe is a principal and serves on the investment team at Altamont Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm.

Fast Food Holdings

Among Altamont’s holdings are Tacala and Boom Foods. Tacala is “the largest franchisee of Taco Bell restaurants in the U.S.” while Boom Foods is “a leading regional franchisee of Sonic Drive-In.”

Altamont also owns Southern food restaurant chain “Cotton Patch Café“.

In a September, 2015 Atlantic article on the impacts of private equity ownership on workers, Chad Broughton wrote, “…private equity engages in rent-seeking, rather than “win-wins” for the economy. Taxpayers are pilfered, but we don’t notice. Employees, however, do feel the economic punch, even if they’re not always sure who’s punching them.”

With national attention focused on the wages and working conditions of workers in the fast food industry, employees of Tacala and Boom Foods—companies under private equity ownership operating in the American South—may hold some of the most impoverishing jobs in the country.

Omniplex World Services

Rolfe serves on the Board of Directors of private-security company Omniplex World Services, which is also wholly-owned by Altamont Capital Partners. Among other services, Omniplex provides armed private security guards for government and commercial facilities.

A recent investigation titled “Hired Guns” from the Center for Investigative Reporting concluded, “America’s armed security guard industry suffers from poor oversight and a lack of proper training, with violent consequences.”

Reporter Shoshana Walter distilled her investigation into nine facts, which include “Armed guards receive far less training than police officers”; “When an armed guard shoots a gun, regulators rarely follow up”; and “Armed guards increase the risk of violence.”