Hotel Workers Rising

The only hope we have of real, long-term economic recovery depends on the creation of more good, middle-class jobs, with decent wages and healthcare our families can afford. That’s why thousands of workers bargaining for contracts across North America are joining together.

Nationwide, the hotel industry is rebounding faster and stronger than expected, but leaders in the industry like Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood and Westmont Hospitality are proposing long-term concessionary contracts that aim to make the recession permanent for thousands of hotel workers. Proposals by big hotel companies in several cities would result in the elimination of quality health care for thousands of low-wage workers.

Employers are using the economy as an excuse to slash jobs in the hotel industry, leaving many unemployed and creating burdensome working conditions for those who remain. As a result, many longtime hotel workers are struggling to provide for their families, while others are getting injured on the job.

As big hotel companies stand poised for a major rebound, thousands of hotel workers are organizing to ensure that jobs return to this important service industry and workers share in future prosperity of the hotels.