Pledge to Support the Downtown Tacoma Hotel Worker Bill of Rights

The hotel industry is part of our local community fabric. We stimulate the local economy by welcoming guests to our region, making sure they have a memorable stay and come back again, and by creating high quality jobs needed to build a thriving community.

We are committed to investing in the Tacoma Community by providing high quality jobs with excellent benefits to our employees. We pledge to abide by the following minimum standards to ensure hotel workers in Tacoma can provide for their families, enjoy a safe work environment, and are able to invest their hard earned income back into their local community.

  • If our employees work more than 80 hours per month, they will have guaranteed access to a high quality, full -family medical insurance plan at a cost to the employee of no more than $50 per month.
  • We commit to providing our employees with annual wage increases so they can better cope with the increasing cost of living in Tacoma.
  • We understand that many hotels make extra profits at the expense of the health and safety of housekeepers. We will not do the same. At our hotel, no hotel room attendant will be required to clean more than 15 rooms per 8-hour shift.
  • All our employees have access to a dispute resolution process in order to resolve workplace issues and disagreements with their employer and this process will involve binding third party arbitration at no cost to the employee if either party insists on that remedy.

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