We Are One: Labor Rally in Olympia

April 8, 2011

UNITE HERE! Local 8 members headed to Olympia today to join thousands of workers from across Washington State to protest against the attacks on workers in the United States and to demand an end to the budget cuts that affect working people while corporations are back to making record profits.

Hotel, airport, and restaurant workers from many different workplaces were represented on the bus to the state capitol. Hospitality workers and their communities have experienced the effects of the recession caused by Wall Street first hand. Cuts in hours and income, increased workloads leading to dangerous working conditions and injuries, and cuts to public services such as health care, child care and education are making it more and more difficult to support families and make ends meet.

The message sent by 10,000 protesters in Olympia today was loud and clear. Put people first. Stop the cuts, end the attack on workers and their unions, and most importantly:

We Are One!

For media reports of the events in Olympia click here, here and here. Goldy from “The Stranger” even rode the bus with us. Read his story here.

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