Labor Day Hotel Justice Rally

Local 8 rally!

Labor Day

September 5th, 4pm to 6pm

Hilton Seattle

6th and University, Downtown Seattle

The Seattle Hilton owners want to sell the hotel. Jobs are at stake.

More background:

This summer, union contracts covering more than 1,400 workers have expired at Seattle-area hotels and restaurants, including the Westin and Downtown Hilton hotels.

Although both the Hilton and the Westin have made some movement toward fair contracts, management negotiators have yet to show any willingness to address the issues of most concern to the workers: job security in the form of successorship language (the Hilton is up for sale) and a guarantee of no subcontracting. Hundreds of unionized living-wage jobs are at stake. [See last week’s Huffington Post report — “As hotels outsource jobs, workers lose hold on living wage” — to learn why this issue is so important.]

With a sale possible at any moment at the Hilton Seattle, we need to act fast to save the jobs of over 100 hospitality workers. If the owners of the Hilton Seattle do not agree to a successorship agreement guaranteeing workers’ jobs by Labor Day, the worker’s committee at the Hilton has authorized UNITE HERE Local 8 to call for a boycott. Click here for more information on how you can support our pre-boycott efforts.

This Labor Day, take a stand for good jobs. You can make a difference!