Space Needle Workers – We Are Family

My name is Mohamed and I have been a banquet cook at the space needle for almost four years. I originally come from Morocco, which is a beautiful place full of life and culture with fresh foods and busy open air markets.

In my free time don’t be surprised to see me walking my dog through the city, enjoying the sun, when we have it, or cooking authentic Moroccan food. I like working for the Space Needle and having a union because having a stable job means that I can keep my freedom to continue to do these types of things.

I have always been the type of person who will stand up for the little guy. I like to protect and defend my family and now my co-workers are my family and they have stood up for me so I will have their backs too. The union has given me a voice and has shown me how to use it.

Mohamed, 4 years, Banquet Cook