March and Rally at Pride! Tell the Space Needle: Serve Up Some Respect!

Featuring…”Equality” and “Economic Justice” holding hands, lots of glitter, an angry chicken, and a certain Seattle landmark made out of kitchen utensils!

  • Pride Parade contingent will meet at 11am at Fourth and Marion
  • Rally begins at 3pm at the Space Needle (on the monorail side)

Workers at the Space Needle, a significant percentage from the LGBTQ and immigrant communities, have gone for two years without a contract. They are currently seeking guarantees for fair working conditions, including living wages, health care benefits, and job security. On average, hospitality workers (non-union) earn $23,000 a year without affordable health care benefits. Most hospitality workers need at least two jobs to survive.

The Space Needle owners CAN settle a fair contract, and fly the Rainbow flag, if they choose. The Rainbow flag, if flown on top of the Space Needle, will represent pride, justice and human dignity when justice for the employees underneath the flag is also granted. That’s why workers are continuing to fight for a fair contract, and supporting the LGBTQ community by asking their employer to fly the flag, and also wearing rainbow buttons at work.

And did you know…the Mariners just agreed to fly the Rainbow flag during Pride? The Safeco Field concessions workers settled a fair contract earlier this year, with fair wages, access to affordable health care, and job security. Maybe that will give the Space Needle some ideas!

Hope to see you Sunday!