Low Income Housing Institute Honors Boycott

lihigalaThe Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) develops affordable housing to reduce homelessness and help people overcome poverty. They hold an annual gala and auction to benefit their programs. LIHI recently moved their gala out of the Hyatt Olive 8 hotel, where it had taken place for the past few years. They moved in order to honor the Seattle Hyatt boycott.

Workers at the Grand Hyatt Seattle and Hyatt Olive 8 launched a boycott of their hotels on August 27, 2013. They are asking customers not to eat, sleep, or meet at these hotels until they have a fair process to organize.

LIHI is dedicated to ending homelessness, one person, one family, and one community at a time. They develop, own, and operate housing for the benefit of low-income, homeless and formerly homeless people in Washington State. They own and manage over 1,700 housing units at 50 sites in the Puget Sound Region, with 80% of housing reserved for households earning less than 30% of the area median household income. Additionally, they advocate for just housing policies at the local and national levels. LIHI also administers a range of supportive service programs to assist those they serve in maintaining stable housing and increasing their self-sufficiency. They own and operate Urban Rest Stop, a much-needed hygiene facility for homeless individuals and families.

In 2011, LIHI celebrated their 20th anniversary. Recently, part of the Nicklesville homeless encampment moved onto a LIHI property. Seattle Hyatt workers are grateful for the support of this community organization as they fight for dignity and respect on the job. More information can be found at www.lihi.org.

This article is authored by UNITE HERE and not by LIHI.