After 18 months of negotiations and a tough fight, Edgewater workers settled a great contract!

  • Raises of $5.30 for non-tipped workers
  • Pay for extra work in housekeeping; pay parity across small departments
  • Increased access to health insurance
  • Extensive COVID-related provisions that will keep workers and guests safe and healthy

“I want to thank everyone who supported me and my co-workers from the bottom of my heart. It meant a lot to see friendly faces at our delegations and pickets. You helped us stay strong when things were tough. Our new contract will help us move forward in our lives.”

—Tsering Bhartso, Minibar Attendant, 8 years

“I’ve worked at Edgewater for five years as a room  and minibar attendant. The 65 hours eligibility for health insurance in our contract will make a big difference for me. I worry a lot that I won’t get enough hours for health insurance and have lost it several times. I have two young daughters and a son and I need to be able to take them to the doctor if there’s an emergency.”

—Marites Nito, Room and Minibar Attendant, 5 years

“I took my job at Edgewater as a new immigrant who was still learning English. This job helped me to survive and build my life here in Seattle while supporting my family back home in Haiti. The raises in this contract will make it easier to pay my bills and allow me to pay for my nephews to go to school in Haiti. And, after working 28 years at Edgewater, it is good to finally be able to count on job security.”

—Jeanisse Prosper, Houseman, 28 years

“This contract means that I can continue to live close to where I work. My rent has steadily increased over time and my wages were not keeping up. As the cost of living rises in Seattle, I see so many people forced to leave. I won’t be one of them!”

—Jeremy Sharp, Front Desk Agent, 2 years